recent from 72 Wear It Well: Ageless Fashion & Style Tips
Wear It Well: Styles for Women Over 50 My 83-year-old mom is relaxing in her favorite oversized chair.  Her glittering snowy hair is in a chic bob.  She wears a light touch of makeup, an elegantly casual outfit.  Mom follows fashion trends but at a stroll; she’s by no means enslaved to them.  When it comes... Read More
recent from 234 How I Faced My Fear of Fears
Other than a couple of crisis periods in my life, I was never one to go running to a shrink.  But this time, I was convinced there was something wrong with me.  Anxiety?  Social Phobia?  Post-partum depression? I was never afraid of anything, and now, all of a sudden, I seemed to fear everything.  Driving... Read More
recent from 98 Queen Latifah as Bessie Smith
Queen Latifah Channels her Inner Sexuality as Iconic Blues Singer Bessie Smith Queen Latifah never sings the blues. “Life is a journey.  I’m taking it a step at a time,” said Queen Latifah.  “I’m not one of those people who ever accepted the words ‘can’t.’  I go hard,” says the New Jersey native. She also... Read More
recent from 81 Baby Boomers & Fast Food
Baby Boomers and Fast Food:  Perfect Together If you’re a baby boomer, chances are that you grew up crazy about fast food restaurants.  McDonald’s… Kentucky Fried Chicken… White Castle… anybody remember Wetson’s?  We were the first generation to be raised with fast food.... Read More
Act Two Blogs
Donna Giachetti blogs for Act Two

Lately I’ve started to worry about some of my hyper-digital-multi-tasking habits. read more

Anne Ambuhl blogs about beauty and style

Mom is authentic, stylish and utterly gorgeous. The truth is, she "wears it well." I, however, do not. Yet. read more

John Schwab's movie reviews

These tales tell a powerful story of a Bengali boy named Apu and his family struggling through life as he grows to adulthood. read more

Rosy Prose from the perspective of the second half of life

Fear of roller coasters? Driving at night? When did I turn into a bowl of Jell-O? read more

recent from 84 Healthy Aging: Invest in Yourself
Investing in a Healthy Life Dr. Ronald M. Podell, MD, a board certified psychiatrist, is the founder and medical director of the Center for Bio-Behaviorial Science in Los Angeles. Podell says the reality of markedly increased longevity means we have to change how we think about aging if we want the last... Read More
recent from 217 The Apu Trilogy
A Review of The Apu trilogy Directed by Satyajit Ray Director Satyajit Ray is to India what Akira Kurosawa is to Japan or Vittorio De Sica to Italy. The films he has directed are so poetically evocative and stunningly photographed; told with such immediacy and assuredness, he is truly a master of the art... Read More
recent from 48 Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs
Baby Boomers Launch More Businesses According to a report from the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, in 2012, almost 25% of all new business ventures were launched by “baby boomer entrepreneurs” 55 and older.  This is a pretty significant increase; in 1996, only 14% of new businesses... Read More
recent from 79 Grin and Bear It!
“She laughs at everything you say.  Why?  Because she has fine teeth.” —Benjamin Franklin   Today I’d like to chat about our teeth. An almond binge (I can’t resist these things) and clenching my teeth while sleeping resulted in an injured facial nerve.  After ruling out the scary stuff, I was left with... Read More
recent from 57 Minor League Baseball: Give It a Try!
Why You Should Visit a Minor League Baseball Game This Year Minor League baseball.  Sure, it’s not the Major Leagues, the crowds and stadiums aren’t as big, and most of the players may never see the “Bigs.”  But it’s still baseball.  The price of admission for a minor league game doesn’t set you back a... Read More
recent from 93 STARGAZING: Lea Thompson
Actress Lea Thompson’s life is still some kind of wonderful. Now 53, she has been married for over two decades to Howard Deutch, the man who directed her in the 1987 movie Some Kind of Wonderful. Love advice?  “We have two kids and we’ve been married for over 20 years.  The secret to staying married is…you... Read More
recent from 35 Top 10 Baby Boomer Activities
Top 10 Baby Boomer Activities Baby boomers have adopted attitudes and lifestyles unlike any previous generation.  The 78 million diverse Americans born between 1946 and 1964 enjoy a variety of activities, ranging from aerobics and workouts to quality time with their favorite rock ‘n’ roll albums... Read More
recent from 116 Leftovers? Try Recycling
Recycling Leftovers to Reduce Food Waste Remember the time you opened the vegetable drawer in your refrigerator and there were things GROWING in there? Creepy, unrecognizable tendrils of alien things and maybe some dusty mold?  Eew.  You probably scooped it all up and threw it in the garbage contributing to... Read More