recent from 118 Travel to Africa – An Amazing Journey
By Gayle Howard— “I believe there is no sickness of the heart too great that cannot be cured by a dose of Africa.  Families must go there to learn why they belong together on this earth; adolescents to discover humility; lovers to plumb old but untried wells of passion; honeymooners...
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recent from 19 Baby Boomers and the Digital Era
Did you know that adults 50+ are the fastest growing demographic on the internet?  Or that adults 65+ make up over 50% of all internet users?  This infographic from Koeppel Direct examines how older generations have adopted the social media, mobile phones, email, and the web.  Double-click on the visual...
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recent from 79 The Benefits of Volunteering
SECOND ACT CAREERS AFTER 50 DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE PAYING ONES. Creative volunteerism is a wonderful way to not only be connected to your community but also to stay actively involved in the well-being of others.  As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we...
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recent from 117 Happy Birthday, Taurus!
STARSTRUCK FOR TAURUS! As the month of the Taurus rolls around, it’s interesting to discover who shares a birthday between April 20th and May 20th.  Famous Taureans can count these names among their ranks: Napoleon…Vladimir Lenin…Karl Marx… Emperor Hirohito… Malcolm X… Harper Lee… Robert Oppenheimer… Tchaikovsky… even Shakespeare, for...
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Act Two Blogs
Donna Giachetti blogs for Act Two

Lately I’ve started to worry about some of my hyper-digital-multi-tasking habits. read more

Anne Ambuhl blogs about beauty and style

Give my husband a project and some duct tape... and he's off! read more

John Schwab's movie reviews

An enjoyable, good-natured, touching comedy with Maggie Smith. read more

Rosy Prose from the perspective of the second half of life

I watch these presidential candidates with fascination. What makes them run? read more

recent from 116 AT HOME: Organizing Your Kitchen
  MAKING ORDER, ONE STEP AT A TIME. Getting organized seems to be an on-going problem for everyone, no matter how big or small our homes.  If you have lots of space, it doesn’t guarantee that everything is put away for optimum use.  It seems there’s no end to...
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recent from 310 Holly Hunter Interview
  AT 57, HOLLY HUNTER HAS A HEALTHY GRASP OF AGING.  “It’s complicated,” says the petite powerhouse.  “You’re dealing with your own mortality.  It grows closer with each year.” “You don’t know how close,” she says with a whoop.  “It’s just sooner than it used to be!” “I think...
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recent from 57 The Thrill Seeker Within
  JUST FOR THE THRILL OF IT! She found her thrill in Blueberry Land.  Once or twice a year, thrill seeker Tamela Rich, 52, leaves her husband.  She packs a couple changes of clothes, dresses in helmet and protective gear and sets off on her motorcycle.   Her sons are...
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recent from 295 Smart Phone Slavery
    SMART PHONES, NOT-SO-SMART PEOPLE. My daughter went to a Taylor Swift concert recently, and she was texting all night long instead of listening to Taylor whine about her old boyfriends.  Something’s wrong with that picture.  A multi-Grammy Award winner deserves more respect. Shortly thereafter, I was at...
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recent from 22 The Lady in the Van Review
  A BAG LADY AND A VAN… and Maggie Smith. The Lady in the Van is the mostly true story of a British playwright and author Alan Bennett who lived for a time around 1974 in the well know literary community of Camden Town, London, where he became acquainted...
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recent from 44 Confessions of a Non-Gardener
  I DON’T HAVE A GREEN THUMB. Moreover, my plants know it: they lie down and die right in front of my eyes.  I once had a potted palm that thrived on humidity.  I placed it in the bathroom and gave it plenty of light.  When I showered, it...
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recent from 89 In These Shoes?
  I LOVE WEARING HIGH HEELS.  My women friends admire me.  Not because I am a success at my job or because I have accomplished amazing things.  My friends admire me because I still wear high heels. As a middle school teacher, I’m on my feet most of the...
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recent from 197 Email Phishing Is So Very Fishy
  SOMETHING’S FISHY A week doesn’t go by now that I don’t receive a fishy e-mail.  An e-mail that appears to be from my e-mail service or bank that carries an anxiety-inducing message.  At tax time, I even got an e-mail that looked like it came from the IRS,...
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