recent from 44 Discovering Your Inner Western Cowboy
Discovering Your Inner Cowboy on Horseback We Boomers were hooked on the western cowboy lifestyle ever since we set eyes on Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. We were awed by the Lone Ranger and his horse Silver. By Bret and Bart Maverick. We went around singing, “Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp! Brave, courageous and... Read More
recent from 234 This Week’s Baby Boomer Humor
ACT TWO invites you to chuckle along with our growing collection of baby boomer humor.  Whether you like visual gags, sarcastic quips or just-plain-silly nonsense, there’s something here for you.  We’ll be adding new content every week, so visit often!  If you see a witty quip, image or joke... Read More
recent from 57 The Jordan Spieth Era Begins
Exit Tiger Woods, Enter Jordan Spieth. That’s the way it felt watching this year’s Masters tournament from Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.  While Tiger Woods groused and swore his way around the venerable track and finished as an also ran, 21-year-old Jordan Spieth emerged on the world stage as a... Read More
recent from 58 STARGAZING with Cindy Pearlman: Lisa Vanderpump
LISA VANDERPUMP’S BEAUTY SECRETS Lisa Vanderpump lives in a world of backstabbing, one-upping, and zingers that linger long after the Jimmy Choos are put away from that last lavish weekend in Palm Springs. You think it’s easy being a real housewife of Beverly Hills?  There is so much drama that there... Read More
Act Two Blogs
Donna Giachetti blogs for Act Two

Lately I’ve started to worry about some of my hyper-digital-multi-tasking habits. read more

Anne Ambuhl blogs about beauty and style

Does your guy have multiple pairs of Really Beat Up Old Shoes? Mine does. read more

John Schwab's movie reviews

This is the first TV series I feel compelled to write about, it’s just that more

Rosy Prose from the perspective of the second half of life

I want to complain about shoes. My toes aren't pointed, so why are all these shoes?read more

recent from 84 The Perils and Promise of Aging
Aging:  Perils and Promise Joel was pushing 60, but he felt good about his life because everyone kept telling him 60 was the new 40.   After all, Christie Brinkley had turned 60 and all the celebrity magazines said she looked 35. No, 60 was just a number, Joel told himself—until that Monday morning when he... Read More
recent from 93 STARGAZING with Cindy Pearlman: Alan Alda
Interview with Alan Alda from M*A*S*H Finding Love and Making Love Work He always knew she was The One. When M*A*S*H cast member Alan Alda met his wife Arlene almost six decades ago, he knew he met his soul mate.  “We were at a party and someone made a rum cake.  They put it on the fridge and in those days,... Read More
recent from 118 Happy Birthday, Aries!
Independent, fearless, creative and dynamic—these are just a few of the traits of those born under the sign of Aries.  Consider this extraordinary collection of people born under the sign of the ram, Aries:  Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Aretha Franklin, Goya, Robert Frost, Rafael, Jane Goodall,... Read More
recent from 34 Learning about Wine
As a long-time wine aficionado and wine instructor, I am all in favor of people learning as much as they can about wine.  This can be done in many ways: via public wine classes; reading (formerly only books and magazines, now online); attending walk-around wine events and sit-down wine dinners; at private... Read More
recent from 79 Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean Diet According to researchers, the typical Mediterranean diet—rich in olive oil, fish, fruit, vegetables, non-refined cereals and potatoes and moderate in alcohol and wine—is linked to a slower rate of cognitive decline in older individuals. The study involved 3,759 individuals aged 65 and... Read More
recent from 48 Meet the Retireless
Retirement Declines A Look at 75-Plus Workers These days there are many people in their 50s and 60s who are forced to delay their retirement, but what about those who are over 70?  It turns out that the number of people 75-and-over who are still working has grown significantly in the last two decades.  In... Read More
recent from 213 The Landscapes of Britain
John Keats, the English Romantic poet once wrote: “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness…” When it comes to travel, the same can be said for the landscapes of Britain. You may find adventure around the globe, sure  the lush rainforest of Costa... Read More
recent from 99 100 Years of Lady Day: Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday, dubbed “Lady Day,” first set foot on a Harlem stage at 17 and very quickly became one of the most charismatic, recognizable voices in jazz. She had a thriving career for many years before she lost her battle with addiction.  April 7th  marks the centennial of Billie... Read More