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Complete this confidential 10-question survey and you’ll be entered in the drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. Help us give you what you want by completing the confidential survey below. Survey responses are not published so your answers and information are secure. You can also answer the questions on... Read More
recent from 105 You Love to Read, So Don’t Hesitate to Pass it Along
You’ll pass on many things to your children and grandchildren.  You can’t control genetics, unfortunately, but you can – to some extent – control influences and exposure. In a world where digital has become the norm and visual entertainment tends to dominate, the love of reading has started to wane.  Very... Read More
recent from 103 The Mid-Life Crisis: All Ages Are Entitled
By Ben Dutka- You know, there’s no age restriction for a mid-life crisis. Despite the literal translation of the term, a “mid-life crisis” can be experienced at just about any age.  Believe it or not, I think I had my crisis at the age of twenty-two.  I’d just graduated college and with no real direction... Read More
recent from 102 Jane Fonda on Aging and “Radiating Happiness”
By Cindy Pearlman- At age 76, Jane Fonda likes to remain a mystery. “My motto is the old broad fooled them again,” says the screen legend. Slow down? Not on her life. “My secret is attitude,” Fonda says during an interview at the Toronto Film Festival. “I’ve discovered that you can have a robust,... Read More
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Donna Giachetti blogs for Act Two

For years, I've been letting my "geek flag" fly, but... read more

Anne Ambuhl blogs about beauty and style

In my new era, high heels are just a pain. read more

John Schwab's movie reviews

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Rosy Prose from the perspective of the second half of life

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recent from 100 The Art of Wasting Time: Loitering in Libraries
The Art of Wasting Time – Loitering in Libraries  By Judith Marks-White I recently found myself engaged in conversation with a friend, who views most life experiences cerebrally. She is the one to whom I turn when I seek logic – the one who cuts through the mundane in place of solid reasoning. I rely on her... Read More
recent from 98 Angela Bassett: “I Just Try to Keep Smiling”
By Cindy Pearlman- What’s age got to do with it? Absolutely nothing! Actress Angela Bassett says she refuses to fret over the numbers. “I’m fighting the good fight when it comes to aging,” says the woman who had arms of steel and great guns before Michelle Obama picked up her first weight. Bassett, now... Read More
recent from 99 Baby Boomer Music: Why Did It Have Such a Lasting Impact?
Music changes us. Music sticks with us. The music of the baby boomer generation blazed new trails and had a lasting impact. Now, as we look back with particular fondness, we’re touched once again by both the innocence and energy of those songs. From Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” to Aretha Franklin’s... Read More
recent from 97 David Ferrer: A Quiet Role Model for Kids
By Ben Dutka- Parents and grandparents around the world wish youngsters had better role models, especially in the world of professional sports. Amid courtroom battles, widespread drug issues, and an embarrassing variety of scandals and seedy situations, where to find the athlete a child should emulate? ... Read More
recent from 89 IS IT FITTING?
When it comes to men’s fashion, what’s in for fall?  If an Act Two man wants to look current, what should he wear that shows he’s not locked into another era? Trends come and go, but one thing remains constant—style is about fit.  Nothing dates a man more than oversized clothing. Wear trimmer-fitting... Read More
By Donna Giachetti— Fashion model Jacky O’Shaughnessy is having a birthday in December.  She will be 63. Her 2012 photo shoot for American Apparel was her first modeling job ever (!), but O’Shaughnessy approached it with seemingly unfaltering confidence.  “I was game the whole time,” she said in an... Read More
recent from 43 SMILE!
By Cornelia Fortier— “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thích Nhat Hanh Good news!  Smiling, scientists tell us, has the power to elevate our moods, extend our lifespan, predict a happy marriage and even shorten a period of grief.  ... Read More
recent from 84 TAKE A HIKE
By John Torsiello— Hiking is a pure back-to-nature activity.  Putting on a good pair of hiking boots or shoes, heading off on a woodland path with friends (or perhaps by yourself), drinking in nature, and working up a good sweat as you make your way through hill and dale provide a magical stress release.... Read More