recent from 213 Savannah, An Easy City
  SAVANNAH, SWEET SAVANNAH. When my friend Bernie got back from his trip to Savannah, he was quite proud of the wad of Spanish moss he had smuggled through airport security in a two-quart Ziploc baggie. He was going to plant it in his garden because he thought it...
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recent from 117 “Presenteeism” and Caregivers
DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?   You’re sitting in your cubicle or your corner office, but you’re not really there.  Emails are pouring in, you have unanswered voice messages, there’s a crisis in IT, the system is going down, and the coffee-maker just died—but you don’t care.  At 9:01 in the...
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recent from 44 Coloring Books for Adults – Really?
REMEMBER TO COLOR INSIDE THE LINES! If you’re working at keeping your brain sharp with word puzzles and Lumosity brain games, take it to another level because life’s not all about words and numbers; it’s also about color, balance, symmetry and design. So put away your crossword puzzles and...
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recent from 94 When It Comes to Cocktails, Everything Old Is New Again
CONTEMPORARY COCKTAILS FUELED BY A STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE.   It’s a fabulous trend. Fashion has become retro chic, architecture and design combine the old with the new, restaurants are back to basics, and now bigger is better—phone and computer screens that is. In the start of 2015 the...
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Act Two Blogs
Donna Giachetti blogs for Act Two

Lately I’ve started to worry about some of my hyper-digital-multi-tasking habits. read more

Anne Ambuhl blogs about beauty and style

Give my husband a project and some duct tape... and he's off! read more

John Schwab's movie reviews

This honest film exposes some of the decisions people must make when they know the end is near. read more

Rosy Prose from the perspective of the second half of life

I watch these presidential candidates with fascination. What makes them run? read more

recent from 19 Meet the Retireless
  A LOOK AT 75-PLUS WORKERS These days there are many people in their 50s and 60s who are forced to delay their retirement, but what about those who are over 70?  It turns out that the number of people 75-and-over who are still working has grown significantly in...
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recent from 222 Tag Sale Tips
GOING, GOING, GONE Ever notice that tag sales tend to be run by folks in their 50s, 60s and beyond?  There’s a reason for this:  we are the ones with the most “stuff.”  Holding a tag sale is a tried-and-true method of getting rid of things you haven’t used...
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recent from 57 The Thrill Seeker Within
  JUST FOR THE THRILL OF IT! She found her thrill in Blueberry Land.  Once or twice a year, thrill seeker Tamela Rich, 52, leaves her husband.  She packs a couple changes of clothes, dresses in helmet and protective gear and sets off on her motorcycle.   Her sons are...
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recent from 24 Knee and Shoulder Handbook Review
KNEE AND SHOULDER INJURIES EXPLAINED Confused by all the knee injury acronyms like MCL, LCL or PCL? Don’t know the difference between a frozen shoulder, a SLAP tear or impingement syndrome?   We love our bodies and we’re the ones who live with them for a lifetime, but sometimes...
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recent from 79 What? What?
  IS IT TIME FOR A HEARING AID? Few things strike as much unmitigated terror into a Baby Boomer’s chest as being told that he or she needs a hearing aid.  It’s such an obvious sign of getting old.  According to the Internet, two doctors I saw, three audiologists,...
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recent from 110 We Still Love Muscle Cars
OUR ROMANCE WITH MUSCLE CARS— Okay, I admit it.  Rather than a muscle car, I drove a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle when I was in college and through the first several years of my working career.  But I did have buddies who were fully wrapped up in the “muscle car”...
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recent from 89 A Firm Foundation in Body Shapers
  WE HAVE FIVE DAYS LEFT TILL THE WEDDING BELLS.  Five days.  And I had not addressed the issue of a girdle. At some point in my 50’s, my fanny decided to migrate to the front.  Now I sport a “menopot.”   It was time for the Dreaded Ladies...
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recent from 197 Email Phishing Is So Very Fishy
  SOMETHING’S FISHY A week doesn’t go by now that I don’t receive a fishy e-mail.  An e-mail that appears to be from my e-mail service or bank that carries an anxiety-inducing message.  At tax time, I even got an e-mail that looked like it came from the IRS,...
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