65 Things To Do When You Retire – TRAVEL!

65 Things To Do When You Retire – TRAVEL!

BOOK REVIEW OF 65 Things to Do When You Retire

65 Intrepid Travel Writers and Experts Reveal Fun Places and New Horizons to Explore in Your Retirement

by Mark Evan Chimsky, Sellers Publishing, Inc.

The world abounds with how-to books that often become relegated to a box in storage, never to really be used, but Mark Evan Chimsky’s 65 Things to Do When You Retire might earn top shelf space in your house and spark a fire in you to go to places you’ve never been.  What’s that saying about good intentions?  We all dream of travel, but how often do we do it?  When was your last international traveling journey—or even a local road trip for that matter?

In this collection of 65 writers, you will find inquisitive essays like Jim Yih’s “Is Traveling Really the Retirement Dream?” and Jeff Jung’s “What Retirees Can Learn from Career Breakers,” alongside delicious ones on pets, sin and private tour guides. Karen Herbst writes a lovely piece on combining cooking and travel in “A Magical Cooking Experience on the Amalfi Coast.”  If you’ve had the chance to take a precarious drive or bus ride from Sorrento to Positano up the Amalfi Coast, you’ll know the thrill of even arriving in this enchanted area, and adding a love of cooking to the trip can only turn it even more palatable.

There’s something in here for every traveler’s imagination from wine tours to ranch vacations to mountain climbing.  And even one on using house-sitting as a way to facilitate travel.  Aristotle once said, “Action is character,” and the only way to travel is to act, to do.  An added plus is that this book’s proceeds all go to cancer research.  Grab a copy.  Act.  And arrive at new places in new, fantastic ways.

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65 Things to Do When You Retire Travel | Traveling after Retirement


By Mark Damon Puckett




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