Run, Candidates, Run!

  HAVE YOU NOTICED? I’m a political junkie, totally hooked on the upcoming presidential election. And, boy, is Presidential Election 2016 providing me with a lot of entertainment! No soap opera could come up with a plot like this one!   I’ve lost count but I think we started out with something like 18 candidates between […]

Happy, Merry, Joyous: Can We Celebrate Now?

In Defense of Celebrations… As I was walking down the hall of a medical building the other day I noticed a Christmas wreath on one of the doctor’s doors.  It jumped out at me because it was the only one.  All the other doors were bare.  It occurred to me that every office door, every […]

Joan Rivers: “Too Soon, Joan…Too Soon”

“Joan Rivers is dead!!!” my daughter texted me. Shock. We knew she was hospitalized in very serious condition, but dead? Total shock. And yet, why? Joan Rivers was 81 years old so it shouldn’t really be shocking. My daughter and many others knew that I idolized Joan Rivers, not because I was a fan of […]