The Rites of Spring… and Duct Tape

    Duct tape is like The Force: it has a light side and a dark side and it binds the galaxy together. — Carl Zwanzig Charlie, my beloved mate of 30 years, is firmly attached to many things.  Me, our daughter, his extended family and friends, chainsaws, home improvements, computers, and fondly… duct tape. […]

Turning 60… and Still Smiling

WELCOME TO THE CLUB! We’ve been through some things togetherWith trunks of memories still to comeWe found things to do in stormy weatherLong may you run I turned 60 last week. I was on the air stepper, doing my usual 1 hour workout, when I heard this classic Neil Young song on my playlist. Oddly, […]

Holiday Fashion Tips for Boomerettes

TIS THE JOYOUS SEASON!   I am hitting 60 in January and I want to look pretty and be comfortable for the holidays.  Shouldn’t be all that tough to find something, right? However, in the Royal Wedding aftermath (see multiple previous blogs for that), I haven’t taken one blessed second to figure out what to wear […]

A Firm Foundation in Body Shapers

We have five days left til wedding bells.  Five days.   And I had not addressed the issue of a girdle. At some point in my 50’s, my fanny decided to migrate to the front.  Now I sport a “menopot.”  It was time for the Dreaded Ladies With Tape Measures at the department stores. Since it’s […]

Father of the Bride, Unsung Hero

DADDY’S SONG I’ve done an awful lot of chatting in this blog about the upcoming wedding of our daughter, my dress, my emotions, decorating, the shower and female-related doings. What about my husband of almost 30 years, Charlie? A STRONG AND SILENT MAN Charlie, a quietly loving and diplomatic man, is the literal glue that […]

Here Comes the MOB Mother of the Bride

Someone please call the paramedics or get me a Valium IV. I’m the mother of the bride!!! I have only recently come to this revelation and with it, my role to play in the wedding day. As referenced in the bridal shower chapter of this blog, we are coming up on the wedding sooner than I […]

Still Sexy After All These Years

BIRDS DO IT, BEES DO IT “O then ‘tis, O then, that no joy’s above; the pleasures of love.” King Charles II of England, “The Merry Monarch,” 1660-1685.  Quote from a poem written to Frances Stuart, Duchess of Richmond, who famously refused to become his mistress. What was Charles referring to?  In a word, sex. […]

Mother of the Bridal Shower

We aren’t building our dream house, but we are redecorating.  I use the term very loosely.  We are renovating madly. Our only child, our beloved daughter, is having her bridal shower here and I have become Muriel Blandings. So far, I have had my husband Charlie move all of the living room furniture three times, […]

Wear It Well

My 83-year-old mom is relaxing in her favorite oversized chair. Her glittering snowy hair is in a chic bob.  She wears a light touch of makeup, an elegantly casual outfit.  Mom follows fashion trends but at a stroll; she’s by no means enslaved to them.  When it comes to women’s fashion and style, she finds […]

Grin and Bear It

Today I’d like to chat about our teeth. An almond binge (I can’t resist these things) and clenching my teeth while sleeping resulted in an injured facial nerve.  After ruling out the scary stuff, I was left with a numb left jaw up to my eyeball.  It took 8 weeks to heal.  The Dr. called […]