Turning 60… and Still Smiling

WELCOME TO THE CLUB! We’ve been through some things togetherWith trunks of memories still to comeWe found things to do in stormy weatherLong may you run I turned 60 last week. I was on the air stepper, doing my usual 1 hour workout, when I heard this classic Neil Young song on my playlist. Oddly, […]

Here Comes the MOB Mother of the Bride

Someone please call the paramedics or get me a Valium IV. I’m the mother of the bride!!! I have only recently come to this revelation and with it, my role to play in the wedding day. As referenced in the bridal shower chapter of this blog, we are coming up on the wedding sooner than I […]

A Crusty Old Broad

“Crusty Old Broad” I’m using this term with endearment. My fond memories of my mother, who passed at age 88, always bring a smile to my face. Mom was a character but always in a very sweet way. She would say the most outlandish things but with that little smile on her face, a twinkle […]

Grin and Bear It

Today I’d like to chat about our teeth. An almond binge (I can’t resist these things) and clenching my teeth while sleeping resulted in an injured facial nerve.  After ruling out the scary stuff, I was left with a numb left jaw up to my eyeball.  It took 8 weeks to heal.  The Dr. called […]

My Toes Are Not Pointed!

I want to complain about shoes.  At my age I suppose I should resign myself to clunky black orthopaedic space boots but the fashionista in me rebels.  I can still remember the days when I commuted into New York City by train from the suburbs in my business suit and stilettos.  They weren’t 5 inches […]

Remembrance of School Clothes Past

“I have enough clothes and shoes and I never need to go shopping again,” said no girl, ever.     —Anonymous I heard a school bus pass by the other morning. Now, my child is grown, but there’s something about that sound that acts like the starting bell at the Kentucky Derby.  It’s a visceral urge […]

Intriguing Eyebrows

“You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.”  —Jack Black Well said, Jack. And yet, recent developments have caused me to question this new brow foliage cropping up.  And out.  You know the ones I mean.  The white or grey, wiry or bushy ones that have appeared not only in your brows, but incongruously, […]

Sweet Petite

Five foot two, eyes of blue /oh, what those five feet could do / has anybody seen my gal?    —Ray Henderson At 5’ 1 ¾” in my stocking feet (I count the stockings, too) I am what is deemed “petite”—namely, a woman 5’4” and under. Yet according to the U.S. National Health Statistics, the average American […]

Hello, Cable, It’s Me, Rosy

Hello, Cable, may I have service please?  My TV isn’t working. Yes, ma’am, how can I help you today? My TV isn’t working. Of course, ma’am.  Let’s walk through a few steps first to better assess the problem.  Have you turned your TV on? Of course I have.  It isn’t working. OK, first let’s check […]