Still Sexy After All These Years

BIRDS DO IT, BEES DO IT “O then ‘tis, O then, that no joy’s above; the pleasures of love.” King Charles II of England, “The Merry Monarch,” 1660-1685.  Quote from a poem written to Frances Stuart, Duchess of Richmond, who famously refused to become his mistress. What was Charles referring to?  In a word, sex. […]

A Crusty Old Broad

“Crusty Old Broad” I’m using this term with endearment. My fond memories of my mother, who passed at age 88, always bring a smile to my face. Mom was a character but always in a very sweet way. She would say the most outlandish things but with that little smile on her face, a twinkle […]

Not All Giants Are Jolly

“When you’re six feet tall in a 5’6” world, there’s no hiding place for you—you’re a FREAK…  Longing in vain to be loved but always rejected because you’re TOO TALL TO LOVE.” I’m glad I didn’t come upon this comic strip when it first appeared in 1972.  A freak?  Different in a way no girl […]

Remembrance of School Clothes Past

“I have enough clothes and shoes and I never need to go shopping again,” said no girl, ever.     —Anonymous I heard a school bus pass by the other morning. Now, my child is grown, but there’s something about that sound that acts like the starting bell at the Kentucky Derby.  It’s a visceral urge […]