Get My Point?

Get My Point?

My six-year old grandson shares this with me but I wonder if anyone else does.   I prefer to use pencils.  

I still remember the butterflies in my stomach that first day of school (100+ years ago!) when I left my mother’s safety net and walked apprehensively into that great big building.  There on my desk was a lined blue notebook and a box of crayons and I had brought my new pencil case (does anyone besides me remember pencil cases?) with a sharpener, an eraser and about six pencils, carefully sharpened to nice points. 

I was in heaven and loved school the rest of my life.

Technology has brought us a long way.  Like most others my age I’m on the Internet constantly, and I tweet and post.   I use Word and have an IPhone, an IPad and a Mac.  But I still have my love affair with pencils.


They last forever, sharpening keeps them just right, and yes, you can erase!   Ever try to recover an e-mail you sent by error?  And you can doodle while you think.   Ever try to doodle on Word?  (You probably CAN doodle on Word!  But if so, I don’t know how.)

Certainly eliminating pencils will save trees.  I read somewhere recently that an envelope company was going out of business because after all, who mails anything anymore?  We all pay our bills online and e-mail  our documents.  My local post office downsized to a small storefront and in both my town and the adjoining one the beautiful, big former post office buildings with the marble floors and murals on the wall have been turned into trendy restaurants.

But I still take joy in holding and using a pencil. Am I a lone voice in the wilderness? Do you still prefer paper and pencil?

By Rosy Prose



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