Hello, Cable, It’s Me, Rosy

Hello, Cable, It’s Me, Rosy

Hello, Cable, may I have service please?  My TV isn’t working.

Yes, ma’am, how can I help you today?

My TV isn’t working.

Of course, ma’am.  Let’s walk through a few steps first to better assess the problem.  Have you turned your TV on?

Of course I have.  It isn’t working.

OK, first let’s check to make sure you’re not having a power failure.  Please turn on your lights to see if they work.

I’m not having a power failure.  Everything else is working.

Just check your lights please, ma’am.

Ok, ok.  There.  The lights are on.

Fine, ma’am, now let’s check to be certain your TV is plugged in the outlet.

My TV is in a cabinet with the wiring down the back and the outlet is behind it.

Please check it, ma’am.

You’re kidding.  I’m 74 years old with arthritis.  You want me to pull out the cabinet and get down on the floor?

Yes, ma’am.

Hello, I’m down on the floor.  The TV is plugged in but I can’t get up.

Would you prefer to call back another day, ma’am?

No, no, I’m not starting this process all over again!  Hold on…    Ok, I’m up again.

Now would you turn on your TV please, ma’am.

Ok, I just did.  It’s not working.

When you say not working, ma’am, do you mean the screen is black and there’s no sound?

 Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Are you sure the screen isn’t grey?

No, the screen is black and there’s no sound.

Sounds to me like your TV is not working, ma’am.  Let me connect you to service.  Wait time is approximately 23 minutes and thank you for calling Cable.  Stay tuned at the end of the call to take part in our customer satisfaction survey.


Hello, my name is Clarissa.  How may I help you today?

My TV isn’t working…

 By Rosy Prose

Has this happened to you?

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