Holiday Fashion Tips for Boomerettes

Holiday Fashion Tips for Boomerettes


I am hitting 60 in January and I want to look pretty and be comfortable for the holidays.  Shouldn’t be all that tough to find something, right?

However, in the Royal Wedding aftermath (see multiple previous blogs for that), I haven’t taken one blessed second to figure out what to wear to all the holiday festivities and parties that spring up.

One of the many great things that 60 brings with it is confidence about what you want to wear.  I am dead set on comfort.

I braved the mall the other week to take a look at what’s out there.  I also investigated online, catalogs and other women my age to see what the current trends are and what can work for us.  It can be difficult finding stylish and attractive outfits that are also comfortable, well priced and suitable for multiple functions.

Here are my findings:

Holiday Fashion for Women Over 50 | ACT TWOThere seem to be a smorgasbord of comfortable, attractive pants.  It’s almost as though we Boomettes said en masse, “I’ve had it.  I’m going to be comfortable.”  Love that! 

Trending are leggings (but not the skin tight kind, thankfully) and dressy or casual pants, generally in a slim-fitting ankle length.  I did see a very few of the palazzo wide legs from last season, but they were in the minority.   This was true of the small number of dresses I saw as well.

Fabrics are velvets, silk or poly, even wool.  Dress these up or down; you look great and feel wonderful.

I saw tunics and blouses everywhere in a rainbow of colors and fabrics, many bejeweled.  These remind me of the Indian gauze craze of the 70s, with their beautiful handwork. 

These stunning tops are often silk and vividly colored.  The embellishment on them, when paired with a pair of elegant pants or leggings, adds a real pop of style to any outfit. 

Holiday Fashion for Women Over 50 | ACT TWOLow (one-inch “kitten”) heels are the go-to style to wear with these stylish pants and tops.  Alternatively, a huge fashion trend now is the shortie boot with a chunky heel.  (Caution: one needs a pair of long legs to pull it off.  At 5’1”, I looked like a little holiday elf wearing them, but the kitten heels look great on petites.)

Handbags are decorative too, jeweled and embroidered and smaller, cross body style. 

Scarves are still plentiful but not as prevalent as last year. 

Stacks of bracelets continue to be seen on wrists and, in fact, appear to have multiplied. 

So I am now ready for the holidays. 

I have a delightfully jeweled, rose silk tunic top (bonus: also forgiving of the “menopot”), a pair of gorgeous and comfortable black slim leggings and black kitten heels.  I already own stacked bracelets. 

Hm, I feel rather festive suddenly.  And comfortable.

I think I’ll throw a sparkly and joyous seasonal celebration!

Holiday Fashion for Women Over 50 | ACT TWO

by Anne Ambuhl

Anne Ambuhl writes frequently for ACT TWO. For more of her Eye of the Beholder blog, click here.


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