Intriguing Eyebrows

Intriguing Eyebrows

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.”  —Jack Black

Well said, Jack.

And yet, recent developments have caused me to question this new brow foliage cropping up.  And out.  You know the ones I mean.  The white or grey, wiry or bushy ones that have appeared not only in your brows, but incongruously, making appearances further afield in uncharted territories.

It doesn’t really seem quite fair to me.  Here we are, feeling great, looking good, actively enjoying life and our eyebrows have gone rogue.

Many of my guy friends have mentioned being greeted in the AMs by one lone wiry hair* that sticks out of the middle of the forehead or elsewhere.  No one needs to have this thing waving gently at them in the bathroom mirror before you’ve had your coffee.  It’s very disconcerting.Mine have become pretty creative.  They curl up and out in bright white squiggles and my friends’ like to get bushy and meet in the middle.   Our eyebrows sometimes can make us appear grumpy or ditzy when they act up.  And we are women!

Some lucky folks out there have eyebrows that have gone silver, smooth and lovely, enhancing their looks with age.   Fortunate souls.  Grrrrr.

Ah well, phooey!   This is just more of that new phase stuff for us to incorporate.   We can handle it.  We go with the flow.  So our golden years have a few silver threads.  However, in my own case they stick straight out and up and I’ve decided to address it.


Since this is not my experience, I have done some field testing for the rest of us with various eyebrow products.   Some great taming items to try are:

Tinted brow gelsThese work quite well and not only do they temporarily color the brows, they hold them in place.  If you are like me, mine insist on stubbornly curling or attempting to grow into the air.  ( No, I am not making this up).   The brow gels really corral them.   OTC brands like Revlon or L’Oreal make these, or the Anastasia Line from Sephora has All Things Brow.  I have used hairspray on a clean toothbrush or clear mascara with success for this as well.

Trim cautiously.   Think groom, not hedge trim.  Using a tiny pair of scissors, comb the brow upwards and then carefully trim any stragglers.  Comb back in until the brow has a more cohesive form.  Repeat if needed, but easy does it!  You don’t want to end up with a chunk missing, like yours truly, on the first attempt.

Pluck delicatelyIt is so easy to end up looking surprised, angry or even leave a bald patch if one over plucks.  It’s for the best to only go for lone wolf ones that appear in locations nowhere near the allotted zip code. (See above)* .  If plucking is not your thing, there are waxes, little personal trimmers and laser treatments which are best done by a Dermatologist.

Eyebrow tints:   These work well but be careful to avoid leaving it on too long.  One can end up with Very Intense Groucho Marx brows.    Please don’t ask me how I know this.   Just follow the box directions without watching reality TV or getting on the treadmill and everything will be perfectly fine.  (*Note:  Do NOT use any of the following for this:  Hair dye, Men’s mustache/beard tint or anything labeled other than “Eyebrow tint.”  Use of the other products to dye brows or lashes can cause severe injury if it gets into your eyes).

Many brands make great eyebrow-specific tints.  Roux is especially good.  You can find these in any drugstore.  Begin with a shade only slightly darker than your hair is now, though.  You can always darken it more if it is too light for your taste.


Bottom line, eyebrows can really benefit from grooming at a certain stage of the game.  With a little bit of attention and good products, one can get these rascals back in line.

By Anne Ambuhl

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Tell us about your eyebrows!  Love ’em?  Hate ’em?  What mishaps have you endured?  Inquiring minds (and dogs) want to know.  



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  1. Lesley says:

    Eyebrow mishaps are right up there with cutting new bangs on my lunch break in 6th grade. When I cut them too short to achieve the Yardley-esque Patti Boyd/Jane Asher look I wanted, I then tried to cut longer ones over the first ones. Big mistake and then my mother made me go back to school. (we walked home for lunch break)


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