My Toes Are Not Pointed!

My Toes Are Not Pointed!

I want to complain about shoes.  At my age I suppose I should resign myself to clunky black orthopaedic space boots but the fashionista in me rebels.  I can still remember the days when I commuted into New York City by train from the suburbs in my business suit and stilettos.  They weren’t 5 inches high like they are today, but they were a good 3½ inches. 

I made the kids breakfast wearing them, dashed off to the train station, ran through the parking lot, caught the train and often stood the entire way, and then walked in them from Grand Central to 21st and Fifth Avenue.  I worked the entire day in them, including dashing out to stores at lunch, walked back to the station at the end of the day, and cooked dinner in them and put the kids to bed before taking them off.  They were like an extension of my legs!  And they looked great!pointy shoes

Those shoes had pointy toes and thin soles that offered no cushioning.  Orthopedic docs told me I’d pay a price—they would throw off my back alignment and ruin my feet.  A small price to pay for legs that looked great!

So here I am today with a bad back and bad feet.  The fact that I tore my ACL on a plane to Paris (don’t ask!) also gave me a bad knee.  It’s painful to walk or stand for more than 15 minutes and I spend a lot of time looking for a chair to sit on.  Wearing the correct shoes really helps a lot, but exactly what is the correct shoe and where do I find it?

My needs are simple.  For my knee it’s essential that the shoe be flexible.  For my back I need the heel to be raised exactly one inch—anything less or more hurts.  For my feet I need a roomy, rounded toe.  And for my stability I need a strap across the instep and a reasonably sturdy shoe.

Where are these beauties to be found?  My toes are not pointed, damn it!  So why are all these shoes?  Does anyone out there have pointed toes?  And sneakers, which should meet the comfort requirements, don’t raise the heel that needed inch.  On the rare occasion that I find a shoe that works they are so UGLY I can’t bear it.

pointy shoes

Can anyone out there help me?  It’s too cold to go barefoot.  (And besides that doesn’t help the one-inch heel thing!)

By Rosy Prose

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