Run, Candidates, Run!

Run, Candidates, Run!



I’m a political junkie, totally hooked on the upcoming presidential election. And, boy, is Presidential Election 2016 providing me with a lot of entertainment! No soap opera could come up with a plot like this one!  

I’ve lost count but I think we started out with something like 18 candidates between both the Dems and the Republicans. I’m not sure what we’re down to but the number is still “huuuge.”  

What stands out to me most though is the age of the frontrunners in this year’s presidential election.  

Hillary is 69, Bernie is 73, The Donald is 69 and there’s still talk of “Uncle Joe” Biden, age 73, having a change of heart and entering the race at the last minute and possibly Mike Bloomberg, age 73, doing the same.

Run, Candidates, Run! Presidential Election 2016 | ACT TWO

I watch these folks with fascination.

The campaign trail is not easy on the mind and body. Run, Candidates, Run! Presidential Election 2016 | ACT TWO Their travel schedules, one event after another, speaking to large crowds and one-on-one in diners, always needing to remember their stump speeches, be quick on their feet with retorts, and always, always charming. (Well, anyway they should try to be charming.)

As I sit at home in front of my TV set, I can’t recall the name of the actor in the movie I just saw, or where I put my keys.  

Give me enough time and I can come up with a great comeback to a nasty remark, usually after the offender is long gone, but the perfect response immediately right off the top if my head—those days are long gone.  

My back aches after I walk a few blocks and I can’t stand in one place for a couple of hours without pain but they stand at those lecterns forever with no facial grimaces—and Hillary does it in heels!

Run, Candidates, Run! Presidential Election 2016 | ACT TWO So after ruminating on this for a few months I think I’ve got it figured out.

These candidates have passion and that passion fuels them. Passion for something, anything, provides a fuel that keeps us emotionally young and energetic forever. Give it up and we wither.

I think any one of them could be a good president. If they can survive the process, they can handle anything.

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