Wear It Well

Wear It Well

Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50My 83-year-old mom is relaxing in her favorite oversized chair.

Her glittering snowy hair is in a chic bob.  She wears a light touch of makeup, an elegantly casual outfit.  Mom follows fashion trends but at a stroll; she’s by no means enslaved to them.  When it comes to women’s fashion and style, she finds clothing that suits her body, makes her feel good and looks right in step.  At her leisure, Mom is authentic, stylish and utterly gorgeous with personality and confidence galore.

Mom wears it well.

I, however, do not… Yet.

I always assumed that once I hit oh, around 40 or so, I’d magically figure out women’s fashion or incorporate some artful and stylish drapery into the mix.  Neither of those things ever happened.  40 shot past at warp speed.

I took advantage of this rare opportunity (I have five siblings!) to obtain Mom’s counsel on fashion and dressing myself for the upcoming spring, her favorite shopping season.  Mom adores dispensing advice, so that suited us both.

Spring 2015 fashion trends are bursting upon us, bringing with it new women’s style and color options.  The fabrics are gauze, crisp cotton, linen, lace and denim in delicious new types of wearable options.  These colors are also bright, fresh and clear, highly flattering to mature complexions.

Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50

Dressing with Ageless Style

The best thing about all of these styles is that they are ageless, under 50, or over 50! I mean, sure you could “dress your age” but why on Earth would you want to?  Dress as old as you feel, be confident and you’ll feel even better!

But how would I personally incorporate these new styles and goodies?  As a 70s girl, my idea of fashion and a wardrobe encompasses, well… jeans.

Aging Gracefully

However, I have an over-55 body now and I need to know how to go about dressing it.  Along with my new little tummy, the touch of crêpe to my arms, some other parts seem to have reorganized themselves.  Even my bottom that practically had its own zip code has vanished.

Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50There are also changes I actually like in my face and body.  I love my laugh lines.  I find so much of life humorous and these little mementos of smiles are fine by me.  I really enjoyed finding that my legs and bottom shrank with time.  So many more styles to wear now.

The new little tummy is easy to work with, and the rest of it…pshaw, who cares?  I’ve lived a full life to date, and some of it shows on my face and body, but so what?  That’s cool with me. I confidently expect to go on enjoying it.  However, my “other body” wardrobe no longer becomes me.

Mom has observed that while I was only undergoing a perfectly normal physical shift, women’s fashion designers have continued having an ongoing epiphany.  Granted, based on fashion trends, they still assume everyone is 6 feet tall and 110 pounds, but besides that.

It wasn’t a temporary thing.  Fashion designers have indeed realized that the Boomers and women over 50 are an enormous and highly lucrative market.  Just as our influence has changed the styles of every decade we’ve inhabited, we are changing this one, too.  They got with the program.  I suspect many of them have been “booming” themselves, as the new spring fashion trends of 2015 are going to include such helpful delights as these:

Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50

Gauzy see-through sleeves: 

Great for those of us with less than perfect arms and oh so pretty for all of us.

Peplum tops: 

Adorable! They also work with the “Menopot” tummy beautifully.  No foundation garment required.

Stretch culottes worn with heels:

Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50

This old 70s standard has come around again.  A cute style that works with almost every top.  If you are petite, watch your

length.  It should hit mid-calf.  Almost every style of pant has the stretch option now.  (Good thing too, or I’d have embraced skirts promptly.)  We deserve comfort while looking great.  Wearing these with heels elongates the leg line that makes these pants so attractive.

Shirt dresses:

These versatile little numbers can go from the office to cocktails and on to dinner with aplomb.  Add a pair of kitten heels in a neutral tone, a stack of bangles and you have the perfect outfit for any occasion.  They dress up or down very easily.  I keep at least two in the closet at all times.

White on White

Another lovely spring trend is white on white, top to toe.  It looks so crisp and fresh, and everyone looks great in it.

Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50

Better get shopping!


“So what about hair?”

The old rule: 50 equals short hair…Nope, not anymore.

Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50

Pick an iconic hairstyle to emulate and go for it.  The current trend for long, highlighted, white hair is beautiful.  (Ralph Lauren’s exquisite wife, Ricky, looks incredible in this.)  Mid and short hair lengths are versatile and flattering.  This spring’s hair is still all about layers, movement and good condition.  Color options are myriad and lovely.

Thumbing our noses at what have been “The Rules” for far too long, women of all ages now wear their hair to please themselves.

And when you please yourself, by osmosis, you please everyone else around you.


“My dependable makeup doesn’t look good anymore…”

I had a makeover at the mall.  Oh, ugh.  Smoky eyes and “nude” lips may be hot, but they made me look like a zombie.  The new color for spring is clear, soft pink, extremely becoming.  So one big rosy crayon does it all: lips, cheeks, as eye shadow, a sweep of mascara and I’m out the door.  Less is truly more for women over 50.

Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50Our delicate skin can dehydrate, but a tiny atomizer of mineral water in my purse keeps me glowing.  Thanks to Mom and the trend favoring “Boomer Beauties,” I shall be stylish this spring.  Yup, my jeans will remain because I like jeans.  But I will add some new pieces to my look and overall style.  Maybe a gauzy top in the bright new spring colors or I might give the white on white trend a shot.  Have fun.  Go ahead, draw attention to yourself.

My clothing, hair and makeup will reflect how I feel inside.  Updated, prettier than ever and comfortable!

And I too shall wear it well.


Wear It Well, Ageless Fashion & Style Tips for Women over 50

 by Anne Ambuhl


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