Remembrance of Summers Past

Remembrance of Summers Past

I started writing this blog about five years ago when I suddenly realized that I was much wiser than everyone else.  I attributed this wisdom to the fact that I was in the second half of life and had therefore acquired a perspective on absolutely everything that one can have only after acquiring “a history.”

You learn a lot passing through the years.

If you pay attention, absolutely everything that you see, hear or that happens to you has a different meaning to you than it does to a 10-year-old, a 20-year-old, or even a 40-year-old.


Remembering Milky Ways…

Dandelions, Fireflies and Wisdom | Remembering Summers Past | ACT TWOTake dandelions, for example.  I remember as a child picking dandelions in the lawn and pulling off the yellow leaves while playing a little “he loves me, he loves me not” game.

Remember that?  And when the dandelions had passed their prime they turned into what we called “milky-ways” and we would blow them and watch the white seeds float through the air.

So where, I ask you, have all the dandelions gone?  I don’t see them anymore.  I suspect it’s because in today’s world we don’t allow those imperfections in our perfect, chemically treated, golf-course-like green lawns.


…and Fireflies

Dandelions, Fireflies and Wisdom | Remembering Summers Past | ACT TWODandelions, Fireflies and Wisdom | Remembering Summers Past | ACT TWOA couple of weeks ago I was thinking about fireflies.

Another childhood memory was having the pleasure of being outside on a warm summer evening, such a treat to be outside late, and at dusk seeing the blinking of fireflies.  We had jars with holes punched in the lids to provide air, we would chase and catch the fireflies and put them in the jars.  It was such fun to see them blinking in the jar, lighting it up like a lantern.

So I posed this question to my daughter and my grandson.  Do we still have fireflies?  I don’t recall seeing them in years.

My daughter assured me that we still do and my grandson was totally intrigued with the firefly hunt idea.  So the last couple of weeks we’ve been going into the yard at dusk with our jars and enjoying the chase.  Yes, they’re still there.  And yes, it’s still fun.  Not all of life’s joys require an Xbox or a Wii!


By Rosy Prose

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