A Firm Foundation in Body Shapers

A Firm Foundation in Body Shapers



Five days.  A Look at Body Shapers | Banishing the Menopot |ACT TWOAnd I had not addressed the issue of a girdle.

At some point in my 50’s, my fanny decided to migrate to the front.  Now I sport a “menopot.”  

It was time for the Dreaded Ladies With Tape Measures at the department stores. Since it’s been literally years since I have investigated foundation garments, my memories were not pretty.  Garter belts, things called “control panels,” and pantyhose that rolled and flapped like a window shade when you bent over.  One certainly wasn’t looking for comfort in any of these little items.

Body Shapers 101

I began online for information and was inundated with the myriad numbers and varieties of what they now call “Body Shapers.”  

These “girdles-no-longer” alternatives looked great to me.  Since I had no idea where to begin, I went to several brands that I trust (Maidenform, Bali) and one new brand, Spanx, which all the young girls swear by.

I needed flattening of my Menopot, not shaping.  So I was looking for something that would hold that in, not roll down and let me eat and breathe in relative comfort.  Tall order. Armed with three body shapers, I hit the dressing room. Here are my findings, duly reported for you, gentle reader.  All prices ranged from $45.00 to $75.00.


A Look at Body Shapers | Banishing the Menopot |ACT TWOMaidenform

“Flexees.”  A  high-waisted panty with low cut legs.  Has a control panel on the front.  These were extremely comfortable, did not bind at the thigh opening and did not roll down. 

Unfortunately, they did not flatten the menopot enough.  There was an industrial strength option of these that promised to do that but I doubted I’d be comfortable enough, so I passed.  Price:  Lower range.


“Lace n’ Smooth.”  Another high-waisted panty, with longer legs to the lower thigh.  These were very tight indeed but they did do the job of flattening the menopot.  No roll downs.  I was pretty uncomfortable though and they squeeze the thigh tightly, giving a bit of a Pillsbury dough tube effect around the knees.  Does the job, but passed on these due to the comfort factor. Price: more than Maidenform, at the median range, but still quite reasonable.


The Winner!!!! A Look at Body Shapers | Banishing the Menopot |ACT TWO

I was surprised, but it was Spanx.  Sara Blakely, the founder, cut off a pair of panty hose and began this business several years ago from her home.  These are incredibly comfortable, no roll downs, no tube effect, and very light. 

Yes, they hold you in but it is dispersed throughout the entire garment so there is no tightness felt.  I was thrilled and I now own three pairs.  I do not know how I got by without these things. 

So add me to the list of Spanx fans.  I got a pair of “Assets” (yes, she intends the pun).  It only adds to their charm for me.  Price: the higher “end” (sorry)  but so well worth it!

I shall be menopot free, comfortable, not snapping like a shade and delighted to wear these for years to come.    



by Anne Ambuhl

Anne Ambuhl writes frequently for ACT TWO. For more of her Eye of the Beholder blog, click here.



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