Americana, Diners and the Doobie Brothers

Americana, Diners and the Doobie Brothers


Garrison Leykam,  Postcards from the Highway of Life

You really can’t go wrong with a book that has an introduction from The Doobie Brothers, can you?  In this nostalgic excursion through American culture, Garrison Leykam remembers eating at diners as a child but as an adult, too, and he digs into some of the deeper history and personality of these diners that he calls “these stainless steel and neon hunger-satiating havens of our American architectural and social landscape…”


There is a musical background to the book as well, not just The Doobie Brothers lauding it, but a real soundtrack that Leykam aligns with his road travels we will all recognize.  His chapter on milkshakes alone might have you rushing out to your local dinner to grab a chocolate one.

Postcards from the Highway of Life | Garrison Leykam

In other words, you can not only taste but hear this book, as he remembers his love of the jukebox in detail.  You almost feel like you’ve sat down at a booth for a cheeseburger and fries, and he’s the guy next to you telling stories of his past about “pre-microwave” America.

Along the way there is delicious food amid song and film.  And even color with his chapter on Crayola.  Garrison Leykam discusses ebooks vs “real books” as well.  But he localizes his stories by talking about family members like Grandfather Lou who got him excited about cowboys.
In short, Garrison Leykam is a renaissance road tripper, literate and yet so very accessible as he covers Americana topics that will leaving you beaming with a smile of memories past.

To purchase Postcards from the Highway of Life, click here.  For Leykam’s earlier book, Classic Diners, click here.


by Mark Damon Puckett

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