Holly Hunter Interview

Holly Hunter Interview


“It’s complicated,” says the 57-year-old petite powerhouse. ”You’re dealing with your own mortality. It grows closer with each year.

“You don’t know how close,” she says with a whoop. “It’s just sooner than it used to be!”

“I think it’s good to deal with reality.  That’s healthy.  It’s good to think about the years passing without being morbid about it.”

Holly Hunter on the Move

Holly Hunter Interview | Al Pacino  Holly Hunter Manglehorn | ACT TWO

Hunter isn’t allowing anything to slow her down. She has a key role in next year’s much-anticipated Terrence Malick film, “Weightless” with Natalie Portman and Christian Bale.

Most recently she has played a US senator in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” And she stars opposite fellow legend Al Pacino in the current film “Manglehorn.”

She says that playing Dawn, a bank teller dealing with an eccentric small town locksmith (Al Pacino) in their new drama about love and loneliness made her think about her own views of getting older in America.

“Honestly, there are a lot of things that don’t clutter up my life in the way they used to when I was younger,” she says. “I also know myself well enough now to be sure of things.  If I trust someone, I know I can trust them decade after decade.

Holly Hunter Interview | Al Pacino  Holly Hunter Manglehorn | ACT TWO“I also feel more sure of myself as an actor,” she says. “My career has always been a bunch of unknown.  A lot of them had to do with me because I didn’t know myself in some ways.  Of course, that keeps acting exciting, but it’s just as exciting now.

“It’s incredible to love your work at any age and I just love it,” she says.

As for life, she adds, “There are certain things you just let go of at this age that should go out with the trash. The difference is that at this age you put them out there.”

Holly Hunter and Al Pacino

Holly Hunter Interview | Al Pacino  Holly Hunter Manglehorn | ACT TWOHolly Hunter also knows what to embrace. And she did just that when the offer came to work with Al Pacino.  “The first time I met Al was on stage at the Academy Awards when he presented me with my Oscar [for “The Piano”].  That was a pretty good first meeting,” says the star of classics including “Broadcast News.” “After that, we kept mutual friends.  I’d go out to dinner with my friends and Al Pacino was there.”

“He’s unbelievably charming and a great dinner companion. A great conversationalist,” she says. “He’s also a great listener. He’s very forward leaning, very interested in hearing what you have to say.  It’s challenging to live as an icon for an entire generation and Al has maintained an innocence about him that’s refreshing,” she says.

Working with Al Pacino in a love story was “amazing. I play a woman who works in a bank who really sees the humanity hidden in this man. He protects himself deeply. Yet, he comes to the bank every Friday and requests me as his teller. It’s quite poignant.”

She also admired her character’s healthy outlook on life.

Holly Hunter Interview | Al Pacino Holly Hunter Manglehorn | ACT TWO

“She doesn’t lead with shame. She leads with positivity and optimism. That’s a real life choice,” Hunter says. “Once you get to a certain age and the world has done its dirty job and you’ve taken a few punches, it’s a choice to remain open.  I think she was heroic for leading that kind of life,” she says.

Holly Hunter, a mother of two, says she tries that outlook, too.  “As long as you’re open to it, life has so many things to offer. As you get older, there can be an anxiety about the future and a nostalgia about the past. Both can take away the present away from you.  It’s important to live in the minute.”

by Cindy Pearlman

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