Lita Ford Interview

Lita Ford Interview

“Rock and roll has no age limit.”  So says rock legend Lita Ford, who wants to help you (and me) find our inner rock goddess.

“Am I too old to rock?” I fret to Lita.  “I couldn’t even figure out how to play guitar when I was 15.  My mom eventually sold my guitar at a garage sale.”

Lita is reassuring.  “You don’t need a guitar.  You don’t need a mike.  There is nothing as empowering as putting on your favorite music.  Put it on in your house and crank it up… LOUD!” Lita says.  “I don’t care if you’re 50, 60 or 70 years old.  When you’re in a bad mood or something stressful just happened, put on that loud rock and roll music.”

“Dance.  Laugh.  Sing on the top of your lungs,” says Lita.  “Do it in the loudest possible way.”

Lita Ford


On a weekday afternoon, I find the rocker and founding member of the Runaways in the middle of a beauty routine.

“I’m staining my toenails and I’m terrible. I’m getting it all over the place,” she says.

Yes, even rock icons have beauty woes.

“We all do so much for beauty, but I think the key is Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t drive yourself crazy trying to do every beauty routine,” Lita admits.

She says being in the public eye is tough.  “On stage, every roll in your pants and every crease and crack in your face shows.  Honestly, I’m not one for plastic surgery,” she adds.  “I don’t even like makeovers.  Every single line on my face has a story.  That’s why I don’t want to get rid of the lines.  They’re there and I’m proud of them.”


Lita Ford

How does one keep a rocker body into midlife?  Lita still wears those rocker tight leather pants when she’s on stage.  If she can put those pants on, then how can the rest of us wear our tightest jeans?

“They make stretchy leather now,” she jokes.  “Go for the stretch and then don’t worry about it.”

Just don’t ask for her exercise routine.

“As for my exercise tips, I have to say that I hate working out.  I can’t stand it,” she says.  “I used to work out a lot.  But I’ve found that just staying active is as good.  I’m touring and traveling and doing shows.  That keeps me fit.”

“I say to find something you love when it comes to sweating your butt off.  For me, it’s singing.  For you, it might be something else.  When you do something that you love, it keeps you fit because you can’t stop doing it.”


“I do feel like I’m 20.  I still act like I’m 20,” she says.  “It’s fun to keep your old mindset because you never feel old when you’re young in your mind.”

Lita Ford

She refuses to cut her trademark long blonde locks—no matter what number is on her driver’s license under the age category.

“I have long, blonde rocker chick hair,” says Lita.  “If you love your long hair, don’t cut it no matter what age you are.  Let it even grow longer.  I think it’s sexy to have long hair.”

“Basically, whatever fits your face,” she says. “Short hair is cool on some people, but I just prefer it long.”

Lita says that her hair is healthy thanks to a product called I.C.O.N. India Oil.  “They have a wonderful shampoo and conditioner for dry hair,” she says.  “Then I put a little of their oil on my hair afterwards.  It makes your hair like silk.  It’s so wonderful that it will blow you away,” she promises.


Lita is a British-born American rock icon.  She was the lead guitarist for The Runaways and then achieved solo success in the 80s.  As for being on stage at 50 plus, she says, “When the crowd is into it and rocking out to you, it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Her rocker status brings some ironic moments.

“I’ve got every little kid in the neighborhood knocking on my door because I’m a rock singer,” she says.  “Everyone wants to see Lita.  I’ll have a little kid knock on my door and then shyly say, “My mom says a rock singer lives here.  Can she come out and play?’”

Lita Ford

by Cindy Pearlman

CINDY PEARLMAN CHATS WITH THE STARS ABOUT LOOKING, THINKING AND FEELING GREAT AFTER 50.  She is a nationally syndicated entertainment and beauty writer and co-author of The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets and The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets.  Cindy’s STARDUST column appears in ACT TWO weekly.  Send your beauty questions to


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