Mary Wilson Interview

Mary Wilson Interview

Mary Wilson of the Supremes

The SupremesMary Wilson of The Supremes never lets life get her down. Mary Wilson grew up in both Chicago and Detroit where she dwelled in the Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects.

The 70-year-old music legend says her good health originates from a place of gratitude.

“I turned 71 in March. It’s been a great career. A great life. I’ve spent my entire life singing all these wonderful songs,” she says.

“As you get older, you realize how very blessed you are. I think everyone would be healthier if they stopped to realize that today, at any age.”

Mary Wilson’s tips are free for anyone to borrow.

Mary Wilson – Mary Wilson of the Supremes“I’m a very happy person, which I think translates to good health,” she says. “I have no reason not to be happy. Just like everyone else, I look at my days and think there are certain things I would change. But then I go back to that place where I look at life as a blessing.”

Her joyful attitude is what the Supremes singer brings to the recent PBS special “Motown: Yesterday, Today, Forever.” It’s the first time the special has been seen on TV since it first aired in 1983 and celebrates the careers of The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five, The Miracles, The Temptations, Four Tops and Michael Jackson who unveiled the moonwalk on the show.

“The special felt like a big family reunion to me,” Mary Wilson recalls. “It was like seeing your cousins, aunts and uncles. When we first taped it in Pasadena, it was seeing the artists I grew up with. Most of us started with nothing and became international stars.”

After decades of stardom, Mary Wilson offered these tips for a healthy and blissful life:

Mary Wilson’s Four Tips for a Healthy and Blissful Life

Don’t Let Circumstances Defeat You

Mary Wilson – Mary Wilson of the SupremesMary Wilson grew up in the projects during great civil unrest, but Wilson never allowed herself to think she couldn’t achieve her dreams. “I refused to believe that it was an impossible dream for three little black girls who were poor and lived in the projects to become rich and famous. It wasn’t a given. But I believed a divine thing would happen to me – and it did. So I tell people that even if your head isn’t fully wrapped around your dream, let is dwell in your heart. Your head will catch up.”

Rise Above Your Times

When the Supremes first toured, Mary Wilson experienced what could have been soul-destroying racism. “The Supremes would travel on a bus in the south when we toured in a show called the Motown Review. Yes, we experienced racism. In those days, the blacks sat on one side of the audience and the whites on the other. If the show was really good and people were dancing, it was a funny thing. People would migrate from one side to the other even though in some states that was against the law. The music brought people closer.” She also found a champion in the late Dick Clark. “When we did the Dick Clark caravan tour, it was a mix of black and white artists. The Supremes had a hit record at the time. We were traveling the south, but we’d still go to hotels that didn’t allow everyone to stay for the night including the Supremes. Dick would tell the innkeeper, “If all of us can’t say then none of us can stay.”

Take Care of Your Body

Mary Wilson – Mary Wilson of the SupremesMary Wilson turned 71 in March, and lives in Las Vegas. Wilson says her stay health secrets begin with saving face. “If I don’t take off my makeup at night, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night tortured and wash up.” She adds, “I also try to eat right and exercise. I do Bikram hot yoga, which is very hard, but keeps you in shape and flexible. I actually exercise a lot because it’s even more important at my age. You must stay active with your body. Otherwise, I drink water, do colonics and get my face deep cleansed with facials.”

Mary Wilson Gives Thanks

“I pray a lot,” Mary Wilson says. “It’s life affirming to say thank you. A lot. It’s free. People should try it.”


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