Nothing Like Oldtown Funk Dancing Grannies

Nothing Like Oldtown Funk Dancing Grannies

Turn on your radio and you’re likely to hear Bruno Mars’ mammoth hit, “Uptown Funk You Up.”  It’s got a catchy beat and lyrics with a swagger you can’t resist.  But it’s not just for kids.  Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama joined up with Ellen DeGeneris for a lively aerobic routine based on the song.

And now, a Nigerian singer named Alex Boye—along with his posse of “Dancing Grannies”—is becoming a YouTube phenomenon with a spoof of the popular song, titled “Oldtown Funk.”  According to Mr. Boye, the age span of those involved in the video was from 65 to 90+ years old.  There’s even a 92 year-old performing a perfect split!

uptown funk bruno mars

You won’t be able to resist grinning as you watch these folks getting their groove on.

Let us know – have you ever participated in a music video spoof?  Would you be willing to sashay down the street like these folks did?   (I would!)

For a full selection of Uptown Funk spoofs—including one based on Downton Abbey that’s superb—check out Next Avenue’s blog, “Uptown Funk for the 50+ Set.”


by Donna Giachetti

Donna Giachetti writes frequently for ACT TWO. Her blog posts are available here.


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