Oscar Beauty Secrets You Can Use

Oscar Beauty Secrets You Can Use



It’s that time of the year in Hollywood when the gowns are getting their last nip and tuck, the ladies have already been ‘toxed, and the guys just have to put on a black suit.

It’s never fair.  The guys get off easy.  

It’s 9 a.m. in 83 degree Hollywood as I write this story and the town is buzzing with visions of glamorous gowns, to-die-for jewelry, and heels that rival Mt. Everest in the “scale new heights” department.

Oscar Beauty Tips You Can Use | Oscar Beauty | ACT TWO

Another great phenomenon during the days before the Oscars is visiting what’s known as Oscar suites.  The most chi-chi hotels like The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills have special rooms where stars come to collect free products and goods known as swag.  Even better are the Oscar beauty suites where you can have almost anything made over for the big night.

As your beauty and celeb sleuth, I’ve wandered through the Oscar beauty suites picking up some great star beauty and diet tips that any of us can use in daily life or to prepare for our own glam event.

Here’s how the stars get prepared for the red carpet.  Steal their Oscar beauty tips for the red carpet events in your life.

Eat (And Drink) for Luminous SkinOscar Beauty Tips You Can Use | Oscar Beauty | ACT TWO

Sonya Dakar is a skin care expert to the stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore.  She tells her celeb clients that there are foods they should incorporate for healthy, vibrant skin.  “Dark or brightly colored fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and water are best for healthy, beautiful skin,” Dakar says.  “If you increase water consumption, specifically, it will speed detoxification of skin tissues and help to plump and hydrate the skin from within.”

Oscar Beauty Tips You Can Use | Oscar Beauty | ACT TWOGet a Spray Tan

Studies show that women actually feel thinner with a tan, so by all means get a little spray, but stay away from real tanning which damages your skin.  And remember, a little tan goes a long way.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Stars need to look luminous before a big event and the key is to focus on beauty from the inside out.  Everyone in Hollywood is gulping and loving ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water to keep their bodies hydrated because it includes electrolytes, potassium and isn’t acidic.  Stars also like this little mix as a nice breakfast drink to wake up on Oscar morning.  Here’s a quick recipe.

Coco Cucumber Cooler Recipe

10 ounces Zico Coconut Water
5 slices cucumber
1 teaspoon agave
½ fresh-juiced lemon
3 mint leaves

Peel and grate the cucumber and the mint.  Strain into a glass.  Then mix in the lemon juice and Zico coconut water and agave.  Add mint for a topping.

 Oscar Beauty Tips You Can Use | Oscar Beauty | ACT TWOEat Small Meals

If you have a big event coming up, go on a plan a few weeks before where you eat small meals all day long.  It keeps your metabolism active, but one word of caution: ice cream is not a meal.  You need to focus on protein, whole grain carbs and a touch of fat in each meal.  Stars also know to remove your meal the minute you’re done eating.  Then you won’t be tempted to pick.

Skip Your CoffeeOscar Beauty Tips You Can Use | Oscar Beauty | ACT TWO

One easy Oscar beauty tip is this:  switch away from coffee to green tea.  This will decrease any bloat you have before a big event.  Another tip is parsley.  Sprinkle fresh parsley on your food the week before that big summer wedding or reunion.  It’s a natural way to lose bloat, too, while being pretty delicious. 

Learn How to Walk Thin

Walking the red carpet isn’t easy, but stars have that down pat.  Let’s say you’re going to the family reunion.  You can do what they do…and have everyone saying, “Did you drop 10 pounds.”  Here’s how you do it: Ears behind shoulders and shoulders behind hips.  At first, it might feel a little weird, but try it.


Oscar Beauty Tips You Can Use | Oscar Beauty | ACT TWO


Why is it that some pictures of you are amazing while others look like your “before” shot?  Stars have been taught how to pose, which comes in handy on the red carpet or when your Cousin Bob is snapping you at the local Chevy’s.  To pose for the thinnest picture possible, stand straight up, arms by your sides with your palms facing front.  This will help you achieve better posture, stand taller and thus look like you just dropped some pounds.

Create Some Zen

Oscar Beauty Tips You Can Use | Oscar Beauty | ACT TWOOn Oscar morning, take out a bottle of essential vanilla oil and put a dab on your neck the minute you get out of the shower.  Just the scent makes you relax because experts say vanilla reminds you of your childhood.  You want to put the vanilla on your neck because your skin’s natural heat will diffuse it.  Some stars even take the vanilla with them to keep the Zen going.

In anticipation of Oscar 2016, now you have your own Oscar beauty tips to try.  Get  ready to hear these words, “And the winner is…..Sly Stallone… Brie Larson… “Spotlight“!”  Wait, those are my Oscar picks and I can’t help it.  

By Cindy Pearlman


CINDY PEARLMAN CHATS WITH THE STARS ABOUT LOOKING, THINKING AND FEELING GREAT AFTER 50.  She is a nationally syndicated entertainment and beauty writer and co-author of The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets and The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets.  Cindy’s  column appears in ACT TWO weekly.  Send your beauty questions to CindyLPearlman@yahoo.com.



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