Tag Sale Tips

Tag Sale Tips


Ever notice that tag sales tend to be run by folks in their 50s, 60s and beyond?  There’s a reason for this:  we are the ones with the most “stuff.”  Holding a tag sale is a tried-and-true method of getting rid of things you haven’t used in years and likely will never need again.  Your mantra should be:  the less you keep, the less you’ll have to pack up when it’s time to downsize.Downsizing Tag Sale Tips | Having a Tag Sale | ACT TWO

Where to start?  Before you even venture into the garage, basement, attic or other storage space, it’s essential to have a plan.  There are countless tips on the Internet, and some of them are invaluable.  Want to know which weekends are best?  What items sell for the most money?  How to advertise?  To haggle or not to haggle? We’ve got you covered.

According to 101 Garage Sale Tips for Sellers, it’s wise to give yourself a one-month lead time for your sale.  And remember, there is power in numbers, so consider inviting your neighbors to hold their own sales, too.  “Neighborhood or community sales are very popular.  People will come in droves when they know they can go to 10 or 20 sales or more in one area.”

Downsizing Tag Sale Tips | Having a Tag Sale | ACT TWOA little DIY site named House of Hepsworths offers 10 Tips for Having a Killer Garage Sales.  It’s one of the most useful collection of tag sale tips we came across.  Consider this wisdom:  “Place a large well-marked “free pile” right out front. The lure of something free will get almost any driver to stop. I put a bunch of stuff I was going to donate that I didn’t think would sell in the free pile. It was just enough temptation to get the shopper out of their car. Also, people feel bad stopping and just taking something for free. They will typically find something to buy so they don’t feel bad for just taking the free stuff.”

So as the weather warms up, don’t be shy about making plans for a summertime sale that will reap you more than just a few Benjamins… it will give you a chance to clear out all those unwanted trinkets and tchotchkes that have been weighing you—and your downsizing plans—down. 


Downsizing Tag Sale Tips | Having a Tag Sale | ACT TWO


by Donna Giachetti



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