Taylor Dayne Interview

Taylor Dayne Interview


 Taylor Dayne is rock royalty to anyone over 50 who listened to pop music in the 80s.  She is at her Los Angeles home on a Friday afternoon mulling over the aging process.  When it comes to aging, here’s the question:  Is this really love of getting older or just a game?

Yes, that borrows a line from one of her most famous songs that the Long Island native turned into a number one hit.

Taylor Dayne Tells It To Act 2 | Tell It To My Heart | 80s MusicTaylor Dayne says that she feels like she’s just starting out.

“I still feel like I’m in my 20s.  That’s just the way I roll,” laughs the familiar voice.  “Some people say, ‘Grow up.’  My answer is, ‘Why would I want to do that?’”

Taylor Dayne has an amazing 17 Top Tens on Billboard charts including “Beautiful.”  Her hits include “Love Will Lead You Back” and “Tell It To My Heart.”  Her new CD, “Greatest Hits Live,” is available on iTunes and has all the songs everyone loves to dance to or rock out to on a hot summer night.

Her music is perfect for your backyard bashes or jamming in the car.  Yes, your kids will want to sing along.

“It’s summertime,” she says.  “You want to listen to music that makes you feel good—at every age.”


This New Yorker and mother of twins, a boy and girl, says that moving to Los Angeles a few years ago has meant beauty culture shock.

“I absolutely need and try to maintain,” she moans.  “I do take care of myself, but it’s a double whammy to be over 40 in LA.”

Taylor Dayne Tells It To Act 2 | Tell It To My Heart | 80s Music

Taylor Dayne has been famous so long that she’s recognized everywhere.  “Sometimes, I go out with my hair all pinned up and no one notices.  I can be pretty much under the radar,” she says.  “If I do the whole good hair thing, then it’s over.  Add some fake eyelashes and some lipstick and I’m definitely hearing, ‘Are you Taylor Dayne?’”

Maintaining her rocker status and fitting into those little itty bitty costumes takes some work.  She says every woman can find their inner rock goddess.

Taylor Dayne says that women should go to the pros.  “Get yourself a trainer who knows how to kick your ass,” she says.  “It’s hard to go it alone.  I suggest getting a trainer who isn’t just nice.  They have to be a little tough on you.”

She says the way to drop a few pounds is “to get back to basics.  Get your ass back in the gym.”  And on those days you can’t seem to put on your Nikes, she says clear your mind.  “Not going to the gym is a mental thing,” she says.


“I’m a yo-yo dieter,” she admits.  “I’m always five to ten pounds away from my goal.”

She says to acknowledge your age.  “Some people have ailments that prevent them from training or eating certain foods.  I also realize that my body isn’t 20 or 30.  Things change.  Your metabolism changes,” she says.  “The most important thing is to know your body and how far you can push it.”

“Know what you’re putting into your body.  Processed carbs are a wasted form of putting calories into your body,” Taylor Dayne says.  “That’s why I concentrate on mostly fresh fruits and veggies.  Whole foods are always the better choice.”

As for diet soda, I tell her I love it and have a hard time kicking that habit.

“It doesn’t love you back,” she jokes.

In fact, Taylor Dayne believes in getting all the chemical junk out of your system.

“I believe in a good cleanse,” she says.  “It’s a great way to get rid of toxins and you can really jump start your system.  The toxins can prevent you from losing weight,” she says.


taylor-dayne-greatest-hitsTaylor Dayne says that she has experimented with a few medical skin tricks.  “I just came back from a laser treatment,” she says.  “I’ve also tried a lifting and tightening treatment.  I’ve done Botox here and there,” she admits.  “Fillers get tricky.  You can start looking different, so you have to be careful with it.  But I love laser treatments for skin,” she says.  “A lot of times, you improve the texture of your skin and get rid of sun spots and broken capillaries.  It can even out your skin tone, too.”

Taylor Dayne says she doesn’t just focus on her face.  “I’ll do the laser around my neck because I think age really shows on your neck.  I also like a defined jaw line . I just look at photos of me and say, ‘The jaw line looks good.’”


80s pop music would not have been the same without Taylor Dayne., who was born Leslie Wunderman and grew up on Long Island.  She first came to L.A. to do a stint years ago on “Roseanne.”  “I thought, ‘OK, sunshine.  I get it,’” she says.

Her twins—a boy and a girl—were born in 2002.  “It was a life-changer becoming a Mom,” she says.  “My life changed for the better.  Yes, I get up at six and make breakfast and drive to school.  But I still am who I am.”

“I will never say I blah-blah-blahed my life because of having kids.  They’re the next better thing in my life,” she says.

These days, Taylor Dayne is busy doing live dates.  She says singing live is a feeling that can’t be beat.  “I feel it in my blood.”


by Cindy Pearlman
CINDY PEARLMAN CHATS WITH THE STARS ABOUT LOOKING, THINKING AND FEELING GREAT AFTER 50.  She is a nationally syndicated entertainment and beauty writer and co-author of The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets and The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets.  Cindy’s STARDUST column appears in ACT TWO weekly.  Send your beauty questions to CindyLPearlman@yahoo.com.

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